History of TeamSoper's Major Accomplishments

New "TeamSoper.Com" Web Site Updated!
August 1, 2013
Welcome - you are one of the first to visit TeamSoper.Com. "Pardon Our Dust," construction, honing, and polishing continue. Our goal is to make this your favorite site for industry best practices and your source for an expert fundraising partner.

Building First-Year On-Air Acquired Renewal Rates
November 1, 2006
Failure to renew new, on-air pledge acquired members is the single greatest factor in the decline in number of members and lack of substantial growth in membership net revenue. To read the one-page white-paper, click the following link: Download "Build First Year Renewal" (pdf)

On-Air Pledge & Net Income
June 12, 2006

As greater percentages of public television members become acquired through on-air pledge drives, many responding to "thank you gifts" (premiums) they perceive to be of high value, the need to understand the true costs of on-air pledge became clear.  The result was TeamSoper's publication of "PledgeNET," exploring the relationship between on-air pledge drives and their resulting net income.   The white paper, "PledgeNET" is occasionally made available to public media professionals who subscribe to TeamSoper eBulletins.

"The Consulting Quiz"
October 1, 2005
Ever wondered why so many consultants pitch hard to get your business and then seem to have such a difficult time retaining it? Take the new "Consulting Quiz" and see "How You're Being Served." You may find it's time to send your consultant a letter of appreciation. Download "The Consulting QUIZ" (pdf)

TeamSoper eBulletins First Published
November 20, 2005
Have the latest news, industry best practices, research finding, professional opinion polls and more e-mailed to you on an occasional basis. Become a "TeamSoper Insider" and sign-up TeamSoper eBulletins. It's free.

Qualifications & Expertise Summarized In "All About TeamSoper"
January 2, 2005
Here in this new, concise, two-page brochure, you'll find an overview of TeamSoper's qualifications, services, values and beliefs. Download "All About TeamSoper" (pdf)

"Soper Manifesto" is Published & Unveils "PTV Partners"
An internet strategy for engaging public television viewers published 10 yeas before its time in 2004 and updated September 15, 2005.  Based on the research published in 2002, the "Soper Manifesto" reviews the challenges facing public television's existing pledge drives and membership operations. It unveils "PTV Partners" as new, permission

Research Unveiled: PTV Image & Membership Studies
January 17, 2002
Funded by the CPB Future Fund, findings of two new marketing research studies for Public television were presented at the CPB Individual Giving Workshop in Las Vegas.