This website was designed to introduce you to TeamSoper and its services.  Launched by Michael B. Soper, former Senior Vice President, Development, PBS, in 1995, TeamSoper has developed a unique reputation for no-nonsense strategies, the importance of focusing on net income, and no / low overhead direct marketing services.  Soper is known for everything from "big picture" marketing strategies to best practice tips and techniques.  Soper's experience includes quantitative research findings, and speaking "truth to power" be it the CEO of a client who doesn't recognize their very successful staff, or, executives of national organizations like PBS for efforts that fail to support its member stations' fundraising.

Want to know more about my experience?  Just click one of the four photos at left.  I hope this website will help you understand the range of our services ... and what it means to have dedicated a lifetime to the success of public television stations.  Let's connect.  Call me at 435-654-5896.


Many direct mail marketing firms use one of two methods to print and mail your letters. The first is those firms who own their own printing and mail shop facilities. The second group of firms generally works with one specific printer and one specific mailshop.  Both of these business models make it difficult to consistently achieve the best possible direct mail pricing for their clients.  TeamSoper bids its printing and mailshop work with multiple high-quality suppliers. 

Those firms who OWN PRINTING & MAILSHOP face a risk that when demand declines, their prices can climb to pay for the investment in capital equipment ... while the firms that WORK WITH JUST ONE PRINTER AND MAILSHOP can often seen "price creep" ... where the same job costs just a bit more every time you produce it.

By securing bids from multiple suppliers, TeamSoper finds those high-quality firms that want your business and are willing to reduce their price to secure it.  This method eliminates "price creep" ... and the need to invest in "out-of-date the moment you purchase it" printing and mailshop facilities.

Why TeamSoper Invests So Much In Copywriting

If you're reading this page, chances are that you're either a development professional who's frustrated with your current copy or you're a professional copywriter.

Of course, there's always the chance you're delighted with your copywriter and are getting great results from your mailings. If that's true, please take a moment to write your copywriter and remind them of their value to your institution.

Great copy doesn't just happen.  At TeamSoper, the copywriting process begins by "getting smarter" about our clients. We listen and learn. We review past copy and its success. We analyze research on supporters -- their attitudes, beliefs, values, and interests. Only then do we begin writing.

As a client, you’ll see us weave a story line. The success of our copy is measured in the results it achieves for you as a client. We’ve written successful long letters – and short. Each depended on to whom we were writing. The issue being addressed – and the nature of the solicitation.